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Nezuko Kamado (Kamado Nezuko) is the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado. Muzan Kibutsuji (Strongest of all Demons) Slaughtered there Family while Tanjiro was Not At Home and Turned Nezuko into a Demon. Only Tanjiro and Nezuko were Left From the Kamado Family. When Tanjiro Finds Out He Decided To Turn Her Back into Human and Take her Along With Him. Nezuko is also the Main Supporting Character in Demon Slayer. Nezuko's Voice Actor is Akari Kitō (a Japanese Voice actor)



In Kimetsu No Yaiba Nezuko is a 14-Year-Old Young Girl with Fair Skin, Long Black Hairs till the waist and Orange Shade Starting From her Elbows. Also, She wears a Pink Ribbon onto Her Left Side of The Head. She has Sharp Nails and Turns Red At The End. Along with Long Dark Eyebrows, Her Eyes Looks Cute and calm, Dark Pink at Inside and Followed By Light Shades of Pink at Outside. On Her Mouth She has a Bamboo Muzzle which Covers her Whole Lower Mouth and Jaw To Prevent Her To Not To Eat Humans as She's a Demon Now.

Nezuko Wears a Light Pinkish Shade Kimono with a Diamond Pattern on it carved with Dark Brown Pink. Thew Kimono Belt is Made with Red-White Checkers Style and Knotted with a Long Yellowish-Orange Thread. Over Kimono she Wears a Brown colored Haori that reaches past Her Knees. At Bottom, She Wears a Pink Slippers with White Socks. As Shes a Demon Now when shes in anger her Veins get Swallowed and can be Seen easily around her forehead and a Vine-like pattern surrounds her whole body which looks Cool.


Abilities as Demon

Every Demon in Demon Slayer Has Different Abilities. So Lets Talk About Nezuko's Abilities as Demon

Can Change Size: Nezuko can Change her Body Size To either Small or Big. As Seen in Manga and Anime as well.

Power Restoration: Nezuko Stores her Enery By Sleeping unless of other Demons Whgich Consumes Human Flesh in order to Restore Their Power.

Ultimate Strength: Nezuko Grows her Strength over time and She's even More Stronger when shes in Anger.

Regeneration: Nezuko's Regeneration ability Surpasses other Demons as She Can Regenerate or Heal Very Fast.

Demon Transformation: Nezuko has a Demon transformation in which shes covered in a Vine Like Pattern around Her Whole Body.

Sunlight Resistance: (Spoiler) As Shown in manga Nezuko is even resistant to sunlight unlike other demons those get turned into ashes if exposed to sunlight.


Nezuko Kamado Blood Demon Art

Exploding Blood: As we all Know every demon has its own demon art and Nezuko is No Different. She has a Demon art Called Exploding Blood in which she can create a Explosion in Blood.


Nezuko's Personality

Nezuko was that of a kind and caring girl who thought of others before herself much like Nezuko older brother, Tanjiro. she was a responsible elder sister to her younger siblings and often put their needs first rather than her own. Nezuko is, however, not afraid to get in harm's way, protecting her friends from Demons even after being returned to a human state.

Nezuko also Helped Her Older Brother Tanjiro in His Fights with Demons and Sometimes Saved Him From Death. As a Demon She's Very Strong and Here Abilities are Different than other Demons. She Heals Very Fast and Can Even Posses Blood Demon Art to Help Humanity.



Why does Nezuko have a Bamboo muzzle?

Since She's a Demon Now and Traveling with Humans, It Is To Keep Her From Possibly Being Overcome By Demon Instincts and Can Try To Consume Them as Well. That's Why Giyu Tomioka (He is a Hashira ranked Demon Slayer Corps Member) Gave her This and Allows Tanjiro to Take Her With Him.

How old is Nezuko?

Nezuko Kamado is 14 Years Old as Referred in Manga. Her Birthday Falls on 28th December.

Can Nezuko talk or Why Does Nezuko Not Speak?

When Nezuko was Human She was Able to Speak but After Turning into a Demon she Doesn't Talk as She Cant Consume Humans she needs To Save Some energy. That's The Reason She Can't Talk after Being Turned into Demon.

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